Friday, June 22, 2012

Benefits of Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

By now you know that gel nails are a superb alternative to acrylic nails or basic manicures. The most important fact about gel nails you have been introduced to is that they are long lasting, surviving weeks with no chipping. But just in case you were wondering, there are several other benefits to switching to gel nails. We’ve compiled a list of reasons we love gel nails and why you should too!

Gel nails look natural – A special base coat is applied and cured to your actual nail creating a natural and healthy look. No artificial nail pieces are needed to achieve gel nails. And as a result, gel nails can be worn with or without polish.

Gel nails are easy to do at home - All you need is the Lomasi gel nails home manicure kit! It comes with all of the tools you need to get salon-like gel nails but in the comfort of your own home.

Gel nails dry quicker – Because a special UV or LED light is used to cure the gel polishes, gel nails cut down on drying time.

With gel nails you can use regular polish or gel polish – As we stated before, a special base coat is applied creating the gel affect. After the clear base coat is cured, then the color polish can be put on. As long as you are using the special gel nails base coat, then any polish can be applied –gel or traditional nail polish.

Gel nails strengthen and condition natural nails – Unlike acrylic nails, your nails don’t need to be filed and buffed. This gives your nails the opportunity to grow and strengthen within two weeks.  

Hundreds of color options – Although you can use regular nail polish while still achieving gel nails, companies like Gelish and Lomasi have created hundreds of color options to give you the best looking and best colored gel nails out there. Plus you can get artsy with it and get your gel nails with creative nail art.

The removal process is easy – Removing gel nails does not harm or damage your natural nails. All you have to do is use a gel nail polish remover and a nail stick tool to remove the excess gel. It’s quick, simple and painless.

We hope we dropped a little knowledge on you, so go and spread the word by filling your friends in on these benefits.